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Aman Resort, jaipur

Resort Overview

Aman Resort,jaipurhas been regarded as the marvelous resort in order to explore and revive the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthani tradition. Aman Resort has derived its name from “aman” which means “peace.” Just like its name, the resort provides peaceful atmosphere where all the worries are thrown away. The contemporary resort is well known for its great hospitality and budget friendly facilities. One of the finest resorts, located in the Civil Lines of Jaipur has all the characteristics which are possessed by many five-star hotels. Located in one of the well known places of the pink city, Aman Resort is another jewel in the crown of Rajasthan capital. Lying in the vicinity of the Aravalli Range, the rooms of the Aman Resort give a perfect view from their big balconies. Some of the delicious meals are being prepared by the well trained chefs. Made in true Rajasthani style, the dishes are relished by all kinds of guests. The attractive courtyards and big terraces provide a soothing ambience and scenic beauty through their fresh air. The resort has been awarded by prestigious Gallivanter’s guide for its excellence in all the fields.

The resort is not only an accommodation but is also a special place for those who want a desperate break from the routinely hectic schedule. The fine palatial grace and charisma of the Mughal era is something worth witnessing. The entire topography of the nearby surroundings is in praises of this one of the finest creations of humans. A perfect blend of a true and unique romantic luxury resort, it has carved a niche for being the most economical as well luxury resort. Built in traditional style, the resort can be very much considered as a ravishing modern paradise. The breathtaking scenery surrounding the resort adds elegance and grace to its beauty. The rooms of the resort welcome the guests with pleasure and love. The finely built rooms along with the traditional tapestry and décor are worth spending long vacations. Lied amidst of the greenery and calmness, the resort has some unforgettable experiences which are cherished for long. The breathtaking architecture and unique design are some of the features which make this ravishing resort different from other resorts and hotels.

Facilities & Services

Hotel Aman Resort has a lot to offer to its guests in terms of services. These services ensure that the stay of the guests is made a luxurious one. They are:

  • Private library
  • Dining Facility
  • Spa Centre
  • Swimming Pool
  • Boutique


to keep the guests in an enjoyable mood, the rooms possess certain entertainment options along with some of the basic amenities.

Resort Location

Plot No. 2, Mysore House, Civil Lines, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.


Aman Resort has a record of gathering many prestigious awards for its warm hospitality, unique design, perfect location, eye-catching interiors and authentic Rajasthani food. The resort has been awarded by prestigious Gallivanter’s guide for its excellence in all the fields.


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